Receptacles V

I’ll probably stop writing about my unimaginative Receptacles series. (see Receptacles category) But I really want to share how these jars can make pretty interesting picture holders while still keeping my accessories and whatnot.     In other news, I have managed to keep my glasses for the past three years. I have a habit…

Receptacles III

I am tired. Drained.  So, for my daily cleaning dose, I bought three storage square bags for my papers from way back college. I can’t throw all of them because believe me, I still find them useful now. So, I tried to unearth them from their dusty containers and arrange them in these storage bags….

Receptacles II

When I was young, I used to wrap things in pretty fabrics. My table, drawers, lamp and furnitures would be enveloped with shawls or fabrics that I would see in lola’s room. It’s funny how I still have that habit. Here, I wrapped an old box in a fascinating cloth and used it to keep…


I love jars, glass containers, porcelain saucers and bowls. I use them as containers of my toiletries and accessories. So, I’ve been fixing my room and I thought of borrowing these ice cream cups and jars to hold some stuff.