Hi. This post is backdated because I do not want it to be the first thing one sees on my blog. It’s actually April 9 today. I have been unfollowing a lot of people on Facebook. I only have 2 posts on Instagram and I do not have a Twitter account because I am not tech savvy like that. I try not to post things online as often as I can. But I can’t stop myself from going online. I’m addicted to Facebook and starting to get addicted to instagram, and so I try to tempter this addiction by not buying a smartphone and spending more time here on my blog. Facebook has helped our little press a lot and I use it to stay connected with organizations that I try to help. Here are some weird life blather on staying connected:


I have not bought a phone in five years or come to think of it, I’ve never bought a phone for myself. I have been so used to using old phones handed down to me by my aunts and family members. To many, this may seem really unproductive (also shows what a cheap ass my husband and I are) but on the other hand, we’ve unconsciously practiced recycling old phones (less carbon footprints, I guess). We were able to use an old iPhone 4s for three years (after it was used by my nephew for about 3 years?). Now, Marc was able to revive an old Cherry Mobile from his father. We’ve been surviving on a Nokia C3 for a couple of months now after the iPhone 4s finally crashed. The Nokia C3 phone must be 10 years old by now. Wow, phones can last!

I do not have a phone and it is inconvenient. I sometimes borrow phones when I travel but more often than not, when I travel alone, I am phoneless. I just show up (that used to be possible in the 90s) and I am almost always the first to arrive. It’s still possible to stay connected even if one does not have an android because I have a laptop. The rest of my family has either a smartphone and an iPad or both. I use my mother’s. She has two or three gadgets that can go online and she only has one pair of hands, so I borrow one of her gadgets regularly. My husband also has a laptop, an iPad (we bought as a wedding gift for ourselves) and a smartphone.


I try to sustain this weird practice of not buying a phone and I survive because one way or another, a member of the family will get rid of his or her phone (to replace it with a better version or because it’s malfunctioning). I also try not to buy a smart phone so that I can resist using one when I am with my son. Still, my son is addicted to electronic gadgets. I have failed to keep it away from him. How can I when everyone in the family is so hooked to it? But I do try to play with him every time. It’s amazing how a 4-year-old can enjoy Dungeons and Dragons! We also go biking almost every day and every day we play with his favorite toy soldiers. We wrestle, we water plants and wash the car. We quarrel every single day. We travel, write together, make collages together, go online together, watch Netflix and bike. We play everywhere we can, every time we can. I might have failed in the “no-gadget exposure until 12 years old” but I try to be there for my son all the time, that’s one big armor against the Internet connection: human connection. Being there for each other so you can actually play, talk, laugh.

So here’s a photo of my son painting the wall with his Tatay:


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