April 18- Big day for my son and I today. Ely joined the free trial dance class at Mind Movement. In the afternoon, he attended his first toddler school session! According to the teacher Ely “exceeded our expectations for a first timer.” I was updating my husband the whole time. For 1 and a half hours, Ely had to sit through toddler class. During the first hour, I caught him pulling the sliding door (but it was locked). The door was also a bit tinted so I could only see his figure. I tried focusing on my thesis while waiting. I heard teacher say “Ely can you look out the window and tell us the weather?” I saw my son walk toward the window and look out, I didn’t know if he answered. All I know was that I was trying my best not to cry as I watch my son’s silhouette behind a tinted classroom door!

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April 15 – Today’s pleasures: a ball for P15 bought in a plaza and Coco Jam from a bakery in Pila, hot Banana-Q from the streets of Bay, halo-halo from Pagsanjan, Kesong Puti from Sta. Cruz, salad from Los Banos’ Herb Republic


April 13 – Days before Tatay went out of town for work, we went to Hacienda Sta. Elena’s Fun Farm. Bought organic (huge) okras for P10 (5 pieces).

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