For BLTX: Turning it Up to Eleven in Manila, the Grade 7 students made palm-sized zines.

Last week, teachers from San Pablo, Laguna visited our school and two batches sat for an hour each. The students read their poems from our poetry reading Guni-Gunita. I was amazed (so were our guests) at how well some of them performed their works. The teachers helped us fold and cut the small zines in preparation for BLTX 11.

Friday was “field trip” day for my students. We went to a printing press where they were introduced to different kinds of paper and covers. I got paper swatches for free! It’s so thematic how we were heading to a small expo and the first stop was a printing press where they saw how books are produced.

Next we went to Cubao X because we were a couple of hours early for BLTX. It was everyone’s first time to see the compound (I used to live across Cubao X back in 2011). Students bought mystery books from The Reading Room (P20 each), lusted over the ukeleles, vintage things from the many thrift stores. We ate rice and noodles at the Korean King Rice Burger before heading to Ilyong’s.

At Ilyong’s, students met readers and book creators. We used some of our earnings to buy books/zines/chapbooks for our library. Thank you to the organizers and founders of this small expo for welcoming our group and for all the help (from hyperlink suggestions for our blog, for giving our books a space at Uno Morator and to their free essays that I use in class).

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