Zine on Zine-making





Above are the pages of a small zine on how to make zines by my Grade 9 students (Bea Zafe, Soleil Cruz and Maura Yap). After a short lecture, I gave them copies of Adam David’s “Better Living Through Xeroxography: Literary Patricide by way of the Small Independent Press” and asked them to do a creative instructional material on zine-making. They came up with this:

Thanks to Salford Zine Library for the video tutorial on how to come up with this type.

You may print this and fold it with the help of this video tutorial.

Before that, we had a brief discussion on the history of publishing. From Darani Sutra of Korea to Gutenberg Press publishing Bibles, Malleus Malefactorium (a material on how to find and expose witches) and Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. I showed an archival footage of a woman using the mimeograph until we finally meet Chester F. Carlson (who invented the first patents for the photocopier and who also self-published in high school). A couple of Beat poets, Dadaist, chapbooks and manifestos after, we meet the fans and editors of comics who eventually created the first fanzines: The Comet, Time Traveler, Science Fiction, etc. Of course, Riot Grrl zines were mentioned. I have to revise this brief backgrounder to include more Asian (and first Filipino self-publishers!). Below are some of the visuals I used.


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