“Guni-gunita” is my fifth poetry reading at the Philippine High School for the Arts. It’s an annual activity organized by the Grade 8 Creative Writing students. It’s really just a simple class activity that we bring outside and share with the community.

This year, the kids played with the genre of Speculative Fiction (though most of the works performed and read were poems). It’s a timely genre for what has been happening to the country. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell where our leaders are living. The president has uttered words like “there are no films, no studies and no cases against the Marcoses” and I often wonder if he choose to stay in a dimension that is not of this world. The late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos has been buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani on November 18. How surreal and twisted is that? Even his war on drugs is sinister, neglecting other equally important needs of the country (killing thousands of people, civilians and alleged criminals who are not given the right to due process). Bathala, help my people and our country.


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