October Part 1

with my co-teacher Teena on our first morning in Gen San

We spent almost three days in General Santos for the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars (ANSYAS). I also met Tarie Sabido there, she’s the PBBY Chair (Philippine Board on Books for Young People). She’s one of the most passionate and dynamic people I’ve met in the industry! We’re planning to organize either a Reader Con or a Reading Camp next year.

with Tarie Sabido at Blugre Cafe

Here’s a list of delicacies I ate back in Gen San:

  1. Durian Cheesecake
  2. Durian Float
  3. Durian Latte
  4. Durian Pie
  5. Sugpo, grilled tuna and squid
  6. Steamed tuna

Below is a photo with a dear friend. We were grade school classmates and we try to keep in touch. Our attempts to stay connected include a shared blog, a series of e-letters, occasional bouquets of flowers and other gifts. Once in a blue moon we come up with random ideas to distract us from adulthood. We attended a random gig in Makati. It must have been five or six years since I’ve been to Saguijo. This was the lineup : Imago, Maude, Jena Venida, Humanfolk, Shannon Rain, Nino Mendoza

with K during Sneakernet at Saguijo

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