Jacinto Chronicles II

10 Expressions 

Jacinto knows how to use the following expressions:

  1. What’s that? (Lagi niya itong tinatanong sa amin kapag may kung anong tunog o bagay na hindi siya pamilyar.)
  2. All done! (Kapag tapos na siyang bumuo ng building gawa sa kaniyang plastic blocks. O kapag naligpit na niya lahat ng laruan niya.)
  3. Wow! Amazing!
  4. Perfect! (Narinig ko habang gumuguhit siya ng bilog. Tumigil  siya’t pinagmasdan ang ginuhit, saka sinabing “perfect!”)
  5. I’m tired/Pagod Ely (palusot lang madalas, lalo kung pinaliligpit namin ang kaniyang mga kinalat na laruan. Susundan pa ng “Nanay, ang hirap!”)
  6. Joke! (One time, nagsimula siyang umiyak. Sabi ng tatay niya, “Oh bakit umiiyak si Ely?” Tumigil siya’t sinabing “Joke!”)
  7. Eng-cited! (Pagkatapos naming maghalo ng pancake, habang hinihintay naming uminit ang kawali para mabuhos na ang unang pancake, sabi niya “Yeee! Eng-cited!”)
  8.  Nay, Pwede? 10 minutes! (Kapag nagmamakaawa siyang manood ng Youtube sa iPad o cellphone. 10 minutes lang daw. At pinapatay naman niya talaga pagkaraan lang manood ng ilang minuto.)
  9. Attack! Fire in the hole! Avengers Assemble! Hulk Smash! I got you now! Catch you! Find you! (at iba pa, habang nilalaro ang action figures ng tatay niya)
  10. What the fox? (Isang beses ko pa lang naman narinig. Salamat sa Diyos.)


This particular empty bottle of isopropyl alcohol is Jacinto’s latest bath time friend. It’s our new “bubble gun.” We’ve played with numerous recycled bottles during bath time but this one seems to be the nicest. Maybe because the plastic is thin and flexible so Jacinto can easily squeeze it. Of course, you have to really clean and wash the empty bottle before you let your child play with it. After cleaning the bottle, we simply put a few squirts of hand soap and water inside. Shake it really well and viola! You have a bubble squirter.

I need these bath pals to keep Ely busy while I scrub him (and so I can also take a bath too since we often take a bath together to save time and because when you give a toddler a bath, you end up getting wet anyway). Also, it’s hard to convince him to take bath, so you need props like this to get him excited and to keep him from crying. Sometimes, he can be really stubborn and cranky especially when it’s nearing nap time.

Color Song

photo-on-9-16-16-at-2-38-pm-3Jacinto still cannot identify primary colors. We’ve been practicing but to no avail. I’m not very bothered because he’s just two (though I see viral videos of two-year-olds identifying different kinds of dinosaurs and reading three-lettered words). Still, I respect his pace. I just wonder how he can recognize and identify Avengers and other cartoon characters, even sing a handful of nursery rhymes and theme songs but is unable to recognize colors. I thought that maybe if I connect the color to his favorite Avengers, he’ll get it. I say Green Hulk and Red IronMan and Blue Captain America but he still mixes them up. So I made a silly song and I was surprised when he sang along. Of course, the learning is quite contrived and it’s merely rote-memorization. Still, it’s a start. Here is the silly lyrics to our song:

Hulk is a Monster: Green, Green, Green (three times, to a random tune I made up)
Hulky Hulky Green
Ironman is a RED Robot (three times)
Ironman, Red Robot Man
Captain America is Blue Blue Blue (three times)
Blue CA-a-a-p.


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