Picnic Saturday


It is the last weekend before Marc flies to Davao for a two-week workshop. It must be spent well. It’s also the Mother’s Day weekend. We decided to go on a picnic at the UPLB Freedom Park before seeing the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO Sunsets) at Mt. Makiling.

I woke up early to buy fresh vegetables and meat from our suki. I still do not know how to cook well, but I can cook. I do not plan or buy ingredients based on a recipe (not sophisticated that way), I cook according to what is available in our suking tinadahan. I remember cooking sauteed vegetables with shrimp and tuna steak (pinoy Bistek style) on Jea’s Birthday and they turned out great. As I pick out the pechay, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower for my mystery meal, I pray they will turn out fine.

The fish I bought was not boneless. That was my main concern, so I tried removing the flesh from one slice. I fried the fish meat with onions and cooked scrambled egg. There were lettuce leftovers from breakfast so I wrapped the pieces of fried fish + onions + scrambled egg in them. I made around 6 wraps.

Ely spilled fruit shake on his socks while were eating

I could not remove all the flesh from the bones. I thought cooking the rest of the fish would make separating the bones from the flesh easier. Of course, it was. Then, I cooked the sliced vegetables in oyster sauce. It tasted bland but we have stopped using artificial seasoning for a while now so I resorted to sprinkling lemon on the fish and preparing a dip instead. Nanay baked herbed chicken and made egg sandwich spread.


We bought freshly-baked pandesal from Yigo and bought fruit shakes from Vega Mall. We arrived at exactly four in the afternoon. There were only around 3 groups of people in the park. I expected the park to be jam-packed but glad it was not. I finished reading “Wounded Little Gods” by Eliza Victoria while Marc and Ely ran with their light sabers. Nanay enjoyed our little celebration. I wanted to stay in the park longer but the free concert by PPO was waiting.

Photos were taken by my sister, Judy


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