My Juju Bean


My Juju Bean

Parents should record the silly songs they sing for their little ones.
Whenever I see a little boy, I always think “My Jacinto will look like that in a few months…”
My son is happiest when he is taking a bath.
I succeeded in sleep training my son. Now, I am so grateful that he sleeps well during the night.
I’m afraid the pacifier will be a big problem in the future.
I have the most talkative 3-month old!!!
I can recite some of his children’s books like “Is that you, Monster?” by Steve Cox, “The Game of the Finger Worms” by Herve Tullet, “Good night, Moon” By Margaret Wise Brown and “Snappy Little Monsters”
THANK YOU, BOOK SALE for all the pre-loved mommy guides and picture books.


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