Judy in the Sky with Diamonds


This is very baduy with matching photos


I love you, sis and I always think about you and Jea and Ate. I’ve always looked up to you even when we were kids. You were always the brave one, the one who does not get upset when Nanay starts getting mad because the house is a mess. You are enduring hence, you’re better at sports, at dancing, at all those cool things kids wanted to be good at. I adore you and your resilience. Look how different we are and how your difference is admirable. You’ve been working in the same company for a couple of years now. I can never do that when I was your age for that requires a lot of courage, a lot of tolerance and selflessness.



All the places you’ve been, all the places you’ll visit, find great things in there. I remember when you told me that I was lucky for knowing what I really want to do before entering college. Back then, you were undecided yet you proceeded. Look where that lead you, love. You’ve been to places perhaps because you’ve been searching, you’re still searching. There’s greatness in the state where you want to know, where you want to discover and find out.


Go where you want to, I’ll always support you.  You’ve always been there, reminding me, styling my hair (even during my wedding day), telling me I’m strong when I felt the weakest, holding my hand when I literally could not get up. All the little things and big things that inspire me. I’m sorry and I love you very very very much.


You are one big inspiration to me and this little boy right here:



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