Sneaky Date in a Second-hand Book Shop

How lovely everything felt, from the way your feet lead you to your second favorite place-to-check-out (next to the toy store of course) to how I saw such lovely lovely mommy books. After we browsed according to our individual preferences, we went through the picture books and children’s books together. First you found a book of stories from all over the world edited by an author we were both fond of, then you found a great activity book of The Simpsons (where I met the word zoetrope). We kept browsing for great finds until I felt dizzy from hunger and perhaps exhaustion. I still have months to go before I fully recover. I also feel slow and heavy when I walk so I have not really regained my strength. Anyway, everything was just lovely. I think I’m starting to like these sneaky dates because everything is short, limited and thus more precious. 

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