Special Ordinary Day

It’s 1:47 in the morning and I am blogging because I felt like I had a special ordinary day yesterday. I am up because my son needed to be fed and his diapers needed changing. And now, I feel all excited about recalling this day.

Today, we gave my son a bath. It was the first time we did it together. It’s usually my mother and my husband, at times with my lola’s help. Then a breakfast and an hour later, I got mad when I saw my husband bring out some of his pending art works. I told him something I did not mean to, something I would take back the minute he packs his bags. I told him, “You should have just gone to work.” I knew he decided not to go to work because lately, I’ve been very down as I am always left alone. I wanted more of him because everything seems so much lighter when he is around. This is true. But I realized while we were trying to talk and work things out that it’s not up to him. I’m unintentionally relying on my husband for something I should be finding within myself. It’s not fair to need someone so badly. It’s all very basic but there are times when the simplest things become incomprehensible. 

Today was a special ordinary day because

    • We watched an episode of Sherlock and laughed out loud.
    • My husband did all sorts of antics with my new nursing pillow.
    • The three of us went out to buy food and frappe! (I think it’s my first leisure trip after two weeks)
    • I got mad and got over it fairly quick.
    • I was brave enough to look at my stitches for the first time.
    • There were lovely kisses in between.
    • And of course, my son.



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