Written by my husband

The Arrival of Elessar
The Labors of Rae

I am really excited to see the baby my wife and I will call Elessar Jacinto. A name i caught on a book i really tried hard to read (the LOTR Return of the King by JRR Tolkien) and the favorite Filipino revolutionary and considered the brain of the Katipunan. Both are heroes in fiction and in history.

I love his nanay, she has gone so far since the beginning of Elessar’s life inside her so when the contractions started coming, I got really worried. It was not scary at first, the belly would just stiffen for a few seconds then it will pass. She didn’t even notice it. She just became aware of them when our doctor informed us that contractions are happening every time the belly stiffens. But nearing his arrival, the contractions were getting painful. Seeing my love pause as the pain creeps in is really alarming.

One night, the contractions started getting painful. I did not know what to do. I just held her hand and run my fingers softly over the belly where Elessar would be, hoping it would ease some of the pain. When morning came, i couldn’t imagine how painful it was getting. Rae would walk to and fro, moving would help her overcome the pain but the contractions overnight kept her awake so walking was too tiring for her. She needed to rest. Lying down was a painful ordeal for her now. The next wave of pain will make her grip my hand so hard I’m so sure the grip could not pass for the pain she was feeling.

Until late afternoon when the pain was really getting serious we had to rush my wife to the hospital hoping they can do something about the pain. Or even deliver the baby as soon as possible so we can just go home the next day. But when we got to the ER, we were told the opening was not ready yet. So we had to wait.

We needed an opening of 10cm. We only had 1. 12 hours ago we already had a 1cm opening so we had to go back home and hope it would get bigger. 12 hours later it was still the same. But the pain was getting more painful and I was getting worried for Rae. Every 5 minutes or so, she will pause and clench her fist so hard half way through, she will loose the grip and cry in pain. It was only for about a minute but the minute seemed to be a day for her.

Rae was sent to the “labor room”, where I saw her last at the entrance, I was not allowed to go further. I couldn’t do anything but to wave goodbye and say you’re gonna be ok!

There must be something we could do. Prayers help but i think, when we pray for someone, we are praying for ourself, our own peace of mind. She was in the hands of the Doctors. What ever they say goes. They were the gate keepers for Elessar. The waiting games begin.

After two to three hours I was summoned to the labor room, I was told she got to rest, she was given medicine to keep the pain at a minimum. But when she saw me the contractions were painful again. The pain reliever wore off. At least she got some sleep. The OB informed us that the opening was only 2cm. They wanted it to be ten cm. so they told us to wait for 8hrs. 1cm every hour would be ideal for the process.

I fell asleep while waiting… I woke up and was told that Rae was only at 4cm. Its taking longer than expected. We still waited. Until I was summoned back to the labor room so Rae and I could decide together. I saw Rae was in agonizing pain. She did not want to wait any longer. Then it had to be done. I was asked to sign and pay for a cesarean section. She was calm as the contraction was gone and I kissed her before I left the room and let the doctors do what they had to do. And so we wait some more.

After 1 1/2 hrs, a nurse summoned us to view the baby. This is it…

Elessar Jacinto has arrived.

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