Free Writing

Through the window, I can see the house across our street. It’s actually a block away but as there is no house in the lot across ours, it creates the illusion that it is just in front of us. I never close the curtains, especially now that I am pregnant and I don’t really mind how I look or if people see me naked. So, I just leave the window open while I remove my towel and put on some clothes. I let the possibility of a creep watching me undress as he hides somewhere in that house across ours slip. My mother reminds me of this possibility whenever she sees me in my towel. This is because I also have the habit of leaving the door open. Even when I am peeing in public rest rooms, I don’t mind being caught peeing. My goal whenever I use the public toilets is to avoid touching anything, the door, the faucet, the flush (but I do flush, I think that it is the only thing that I force myself to touch). I never sit on toilet bowls. I only let my skin hover.

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