Receptacles V

I’ll probably stop writing about my unimaginative Receptacles series. (see Receptacles category) But I really want to share how these jars can make pretty interesting picture holders while still keeping my accessories and whatnot.  




In other news, I have managed to keep my glasses for the past three years. I have a habit of changing glasses every year because I buy really cheap frames hehe. For my third job, I have been surrounded with people who are older than me. I think, I am the youngest employee in our institution. Hence, people would think that I’m the same age as them. I take it as a compliment because one, I’d like to think that I can be mature enough for them. Second, my taste in glasses makes me look old. But I don’t really mind because I have been wearing glasses since 6th grade and believe me, big spectacles are liberating.
Photo on 3-6-14 at 3.14 PM

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