Anita II

So you’ve been seeing the name Anita over and over again. Well, I guess this blog is a glimpse of what my mind looks like. It looks exactly like this, her name appearing randomly and repetitively.

I think about her, the way one does about a new love. I fantasize about her– well, not in a sexual way, but that she will gratify my desire to achieve something. She sleeps beside me, she eats breakfast with me, she ruins my concentration. Anita is very demanding, she gets jealous and she wants my attention all the time. I guess, I love that about her.

Funny how last night I said that there is not much chemistry going on and now I’m confessing how she occupies my subconscious and waking state. Fictional characters are as complicated as real people. Wait, I think they are more perplex. They should be.

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