Receptacles III

I am tired. Drained. 

So, for my daily cleaning dose, I bought three storage square bags for my papers from way back college. I can’t throw all of them because believe me, I still find them useful now. So, I tried to unearth them from their dusty containers and arrange them in these storage bags. IT WAS SO EXHAUSTING. Maybe because I strained myself trying to follow the audiobook of Les Miserables while sorting the papers. I also bought a bookcase today and I am excited to arrange my books and jar collection, I shall post photos tomorrow. For now, a photo of the storage bags from Japan Home. 



And an update about my relationship with Anita. Well, I tried preparing for our third date. I tried reading free ebooks online. But for the third rendezvous, there still was not much chemistry. I just tried to change her font and arrange her overall look. I gave her a pdf makeover so she will look legit. Other than that, I think Anita and I are still testing the waters. 


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