There are things that look really fascinating. Every time I look at my pregnant body in the mirror, I am always in awe of its beauty. When I found out that I was expecting, I wanted to tell the whole world. When it started getting big, I wanted to show it to people. During the first months, I felt impatient that my tummy was not getting as big as I thought it would. Now, it’s quite big according to my doctor.


The past months were not easy. Mostly because I could not move, I could not be proud. For a time, I was to hold back the excitement, the fascination, the beauty that my body was creating. I was willingly protecting someone and by doing so, I felt chained.

In the end, it was just like the process of casting. You have to stay immobile, you have to endure the slight sting and control your movements to avoid cracks and damages. You know it’ll come off, it’ll pay off, it’ll create a wonderful mold. So you stay still as long as you have to.

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