It’s great discovering places and finding things.
We were driving home one day and were going past fruit stands, I thought of buying pineapples. We passed by a lot of big fruit stands but for some reason, we didn’t pull over right away. We saw this small pineapple stand and decided to buy there, while waiting for the vendor to peel them, we saw a house with interesting items displayed outside its lawn. We went nearer and found out that the items were for sale. The owner welcomed us and we entered a house full of things that are vintage and some that are imported. It was dreamy. Then of course, what’s equally beautiful and dreamy are the stories that are formed as you discover simple things together.
One time, we stopped by a surplus shop and saw this used computer chair. It was really dusty but something about it attracted my attention. When I tried to sit on it, I found out you can recline its backrest. We bought it and my husband had it upholstered. Now, I have a comfy, heavy-duty, customized chair that’s really cheap. We owe ourselves the luxury of a relaxing chair.

I’m really looking forward to my maternity leave. This chair and I will be waiting for my dearest son while drafting proses and poems.


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