The theme for every year should be disheveled. I am expecting untidy days ahead. I should be glad whenever I encounter a glitch for it is always a chance, an opportunity. Every setback may be seen as either just a setback or a privilege. That’s always the challenge for each day, how will I view life’s glitches? Will I sulk or will I greet it with a smile?

I am not sure how I shall greet this new year, I am not as excited as many people say they are. I have yet to discover so much more about myself. Whenever I am faced with a problem, a different kind of me is revealed. Or maybe I don’t know how to deal with her, the same old her, and I am eaten by self-defeat.

That should not matter. What’s important is that I should recognize that I am always given countless chances. So let life be untidy, I just wish that I can remember to greet it with a smile. That should be a good resolution.

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