Cheers to all those years

Cheers to all those years
I have always viewed myself as someone who does not know how to handle a circle or group of people. Since preschool, I have unknowingly tried to search for a person who I can sit with during recess. I seek that one person who is willing to listen while I awkwardly share my thoughts. I believe that as a friend, I demand so much patience, understanding and strength from a person. I am a difficult person and this is not a statement born out of low self-esteem. I am a difficult as I have a tendency to be emotionally unstable. Hence, I admire people who can bear with the mess I can create. I know that I am also beautiful; every person can be beautiful. I appreciate those who can appreciate my kind of beauty. I am always grateful to people who consider me important enough, who stay long enough to wait for my tantrums to be over, who are patient enough to listen to my ramblings and who are kind enough to forgive the mistakes I commit over and over again.


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