Stages and Phases

Stages and phases


Life gives birth to stages, phases that you take only when you’re ready. No one, not even yourself, can assure you that you are indeed ready. An urge, a desire just pushes you to do it. You think you’re ready, you believe you are, hence, things seem to fall into place because you keep them from falling apart. It can be tiring but because you evolve as you fix one collapse or damage after another, you tend to move forward. As if there is no other direction but forward, you begin to reconstruct and rebuild, you begin to start making things. It’s a cycle but a spiral one. 



I vow to draw inspiration from your kindness and patience, to remain faithful, to equal your love and effort. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so I’ll strive to be a better person as we grow old together. 


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  1. boomgrey says:

    naiinlove na naman ako ❤

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